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Domaine Alfred Meyer et Fils

98, rue des Trois Epis

1, rue du Tokay








Edelzwicker 2018





Blend of Muscat and Pinot Blanc. This vintage is very aromatic, slightly musky. Dry and structured, it is a pleasurable wine.


Sylvaner 2017



Presenting a pale yollow Sylvaner from a cley and limestone soil, this lets through some discreet aromas of freshly cut grass, before unveiling a more expessive palate, of good maturity, emphasized by notes of apricot and lemon . The light finish is animated by a pleasant liveliness.


Muscat 2017




Light yellow colour , aroma of a beautiful fruit maturity and without heaviness. The seductive mouth gives it a lighter style with a smoother consistency in the mouth.


A refreshing Muscat, perfect for an aperitif or with asparagus.



Riesling 2018




Whit its light yellow color, this Riesling develops a fruity citrus flavor tempered by an emerging minerality. Its balance leans towards a freshness, highlighted by aromas of lemon and a return of the minerality.


Pinot Gris 2018



This is a rich wine, full, heady, wth aromas of cherries and plums, which will appeal throughout your meals as well as an aperitif .  It goes very well with white meats, terrines and young rabbit. It is the ideal accompaniment for larg buffets.


Gewurztraminer 2018





Soft and invigorating with a bouquet of great finesse and aromas of violets. Recommended as an aperitif, with exotic cuisine and stang cheeses.