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Domaine Alfred Meyer et Fils

98, rue des Trois Epis

1, rue du Tokay








Elixir de Katz 2016



Derived from the alchemy of several noble grape varietals froma the sunny slopes of Katzenthal, a divine potion is created ; full-bodied, exuberant and seductive. Its intense bouquet develops aromas of plums, quinces and pears.


This is a must have table wine to pleasantly accompany those very special moments in jour life.



Rose de Katz 2018


Carefully developed, this vintage from the Pinot Noir varietal of Katzenthal, creates a fruity and gastronomic wine with aromas of small red fruit.


It goes perfectly with your grilled and white meats.


This is a must have table wine to embellish your evening parties.



Auxerrois de Katz 2017





This is an intense Auxerrois, fruity and warm at the nose.

Marked on the palate by ripe grapes, this is both a dry and soft wine.

Goes well with white meat or cold cuts.