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Domaine Alfred Meyer et Fils

98, rue des Trois Epis

1, rue du Tokay









Our business has been part of Katzenthal winegrowers for many generations.


In 1968 the grandfather Paul MEYER handed his vineyards over to his son Alfred MEYER ;


With his family of four children Alfred settled down at 98, rue des Trois Epis. He gradually developed the vineyard area and marketing of the wines.


Upon retirement in 2003, he passed the torch to his son Daniel MEYER. In 2004 the latter set up a business outlet at 1 rue du Tokay in Katzenthal, in order to medernise the facilities and equipment.


He wishes to maintain the family business through a passion for work well done, respect for the vine and the environment.


In recent years he has made numerous trips in France and abroad to meet the consumer, in order to promote the quality of his wines and the charms of Alsace. He married Christine in August 2013. Since then, they have worked together to develop the business.